34 Tahun Swara Maharddhika

Persatuan dan Kesatuan adalah Kekuatan

SWARA MAHARDDHIKA is the name of a group of youth active in the late seventies and early eighties; known for their performance blending Broadway and traditional Indonesian dances. For Guruh Soekarno Putra, the artistic mind behind this group, it is a continuation of his previous work of blending rock music and Balinese gamelan music in the Album Guruh Gipsy.

Not only the performance that were blending of the modern and the traditional, but the way they manage training and preparation were attempts to mix the amateur with the professionals. With time later the group dispersed many become the driving force in various entertainment enterprises.

Tied to their cultural heritage but strive to put it in the contemporary context then become their identity.

Scattered all over the globe in all walk of life this media (facebook group) serve as a tool for those long lost friends to be reunited, most were member of Swara Maharddhika but also friends and acquittance from activities from the past. And should there be people interested to join they are welcome.

What then can anybody expect from this group? Surely all those nostalgic mementos and stories, maybe exchanges of memory and ideas of how ‘those thing happened’; or “do you remember that xxxx was yyyy on zzzz”; but also maybe finding some relevance of their experience and knowledge from the past to current situation.


Terima kasih kepada :

Alm. Jhonny Lantang

Guruh Soekarno Putra

Junaidi Salat

Anggota Angkatan I s/d XII

Semua sahabat dan simpatisan

atas 34 tahun yang dijalani bersama




4 respons untuk ‘34 Tahun Swara Maharddhika

    • Tepat sekali pengamatannya Pak Mars .. memang di panggung kesannya seperti itu .. tetapi pengalaman terbaik diperoleh dari prosesnya sendiri ….

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