World Wide Photo Walk – BOGOR 13 Oktober 2012






Untuk ketiga kali, bersama dengan rekan-rekan penggemar fotografi sedunia, pada tahun 2012 ini Bogor juga turut menjadi bagian dari Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk 2012.  Sebuah event jalan santai fotografi yang  sifatnya terbuka, gratis (kecuali ada tiket dan makan-minum pribadi), tapi berhadiah yang sangat menarik bagi para peserta. Ini hadiah2nya.

Bagi yang berminat turut serta di Bogor silahkan KLIK DISINI.

Sedangkan untuk kota lainnya silahkan cari disini dengan memasukkan nama kota dan negara.

Bila tidak ada nama kota anda dan berminat menjadi leader untuk melaksanakannya, silahkan daftar disini.

Saya kutip info dari WWPW BOGOR:

This is the 3rd year we will be doing the walk in Bogor as part of Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk, and I am glad to be able to lead the walk again. And this year we will be spending most of our walking time inside Bogor Botanical Garden (Kebun Raya Bogor), eventhough to accomodate those who are coming not from Bogor as usual, the meeting point is at “Taman Koleksi” of IPB Baranangsiang Campus. Those who bring their own car/motorcycle can park inside the IPB campus, or at the Botany Square next to it. Those who take the train from Jakarta only needed to take the “Angkot” to “Terminal Baranang Siang” and ask to get down in IPB Campus. The ones taking bus can walk from “Terminal Baranang Siang” to Taman Koleksi, use the short cut from Botany Square entrance.

From the meeting poin we will walk across to Jalan Otto Iskandar Dinata, passing the Kujang Statue, and straight to the entrance of Bogor Botanical Garden. We will have to pay entrance ticket here, so be prepared to have some change with you. Starting here after everyone is ready, we will stroll along the many streets inside the Garden and the many collectionsof trees they have. Some friends do birding photos, macro and occassionally we can find paint artists making their piece inside the Garden.

Approaching noon we will resume and go out of the Garden using the exit at Pajajaran Street across IPB Campus, then we will end the day talking and having fun at Kantin Mahatani inside the IPB Campus. At Saturday the campus is used actively so there will be many students of IPB as well.

So for those of you going to the walk please bring any kind of photo gear you would like to use .. it could be a mobile phone camera, point and shoot pocket, mirrorless, DSLR, and yes there have been participants who used film cameras as well in the previous walks. So do not worry about your camera, as long as you like walking, being together and having fun taking pictures. Please pack light so you can enjoy the walk, bring a hat, wear a nice walking shoe and walking attire. You can order the official T-Shirt if you like.

This will be an easy walk, so age is not a problem …. Any questions just ask here or find me at twitter @menajang ….


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