Sedikit menambahkan foto-foto pohon kedua yang kami temui. Lokasinya sebenarnya sangat strategis, sayangnya pohon Flamboyannya sendiri lebih indah yang pertama.


Pohon Flamboyan atau Delonix regia …

Bunga nan indah

Diatas tikungan

Flamboyan di atas …

Berbunga indah saat kering?

Mobile Photographs

Really a flamboyant tree

Really a flamboyant tree

While on the way to my favorite local photo location, a 6-7 hour drive away from home, I saw this fiery flowers of the Flamboyant (Delonix regia; Royal poinciana) tree from a distance. As we come nearer, the more exciting it is to see the tree full of flowers, and only a few leaves still intact.

Since it is very near to buildings and electric cables, I could not make a nice photo of it. But even this way I can still enjoy this grandiose tree.

Is it the drought that made the tree here with no leaves, as a means to preserve it’s kind through the flowers? I don’t know, but this Flamboyant tree is really nice.. And worth the few minutes we spent stopping there.

After meeting this Flamboyant there are at least another two we encountered, but not as grand as this tree…

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