Passion of Martabak

As a photographer and street food enthusiast, I realize that it is important to capture the passion of food street peddlars that is a very essential thing for them to survive. As we know living in the street is not easy, and is more difficult if you are selling food. By capturing their passion I wish to be able to share their passion to more and more people, getting a bigger audience, hopefully it could bring benefit to them.

Passion of Martabak 2

As an example here, the old man selling Martabak Manis in the junction of Suryakencana, Siliwangi, Roda and Aut Roads of Bogor city. He is almost 70 years old, and usually start making his Martabak there around 3pm until finished. Which could be as early as 5 or 6 pm. He works alone, so watching him come pushing his Martabak cart and start preparing the charcoal fire and interact with customer is a very interesting thing to do.

Passion of Martabak 3

He works very efficiently, a bit mechanical maybe, because as he is taking orders (as I have never see him without customer), he has to manage 3 work in process. First is the Martabak dough in the small pail, he waits for it to rise. Second is the Martabak being cooked in the pan (many things to watch, from the beginning till it is ready). Third, is adding the customer ordered topping and wrapping of the end product, until delivery and payment. Not to mention maintaining the quality of fire.

I hope these pictures could represent him well.

Passion of Martabak 4

A cross posting from my other blog Inilah Aku.

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About Passion (And Street Photography) – Crossposting


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